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Read client testimonials about Reflections of Light Reiki. Ann Mort is proud to present real quotes from former students.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this class. I basically came to the class from my own desire to be able to do self-reiki after having a reiki treatment. My own stress and health had been suffering. In the group I experienced such a great sense of friendship. Ann has a special way of making everyone feel so at ease. Her genuine sense of caring comes across immediately. The class was taught very clearly and all questions answered.

Since then I have been practicing reiki almost daily on myself when I first wake up or before I go to sleep. It has brought me a great sense of peace and wellness. I feel as if I have some control over improving my own physical and mental health. It also opened me up on a spiritual level. I went on to take the second class as I wanted even more. Ann is always eager to answer any questions that come up even long after the class. I would highly recommend Ann's classes to anyone wanting to be certified to learn reiki to use on others but don't miss the opportunity to learn it for your own wellbeing. Thanks again Ann."

— Deb, Toms River, NJ

"I recently completed reiki I & II with Ann Mort and they have been crucial steps on my personal spiritual quest. My primary interest was in enhancing my personal health and wellbeing as well as that of my animal companions.

Ann's Reiki Shares group has brought to my life the added benefit of being able to give and receive reiki with a group of like-minded people. There's a special sense of community that I have not found elsewhere.

Daily meditation performed with the CD that was provided as part of the course helps keep me calm, focused and centered. I highly recommend a course of study with Ann."

— C.B., Brick, NJ

"Ann is both a very special teacher and person. She has patience and wisdom to put you at ease in her classes.

"Going to the class & Reiki Share helps me spiritually and personally for my health. I learned a lot and always feel welcome, special and smart. Because I took the class I had learned how to tune into my own special ability. Doing reiki has been very relaxing for stress as well. The inner feeling I get by directing the flow of energy through my body and seeing such wonderful colorful for the first time in my life has been truly amazing, spiritual & inspirational to me. I feel so grateful to find a gift that will be able to help other people heal themselves. My first reiki share I was very nervous at first and everyone there made me feel welcome and it was great to meet with other people who have similar interests like me who are gifted.

Thanks Ann!


"Ann Mort is not only the most wonderful reiki teacher, sharing all of her knowledge and expertise with her students, but shares her heart and her love. She is great."

— Ann B., Reiki Student

"I was introduced to reiki when I was suffering from a broken heart. The sessions have helped me to go on to learn and grow and get my life back in a positive direction. I feel good about myself again.

I also went to reiki after I was in a car accident and hurt my neck and fingers. I had whiplash. I went for a treatment and was 100% in two days. I had gone to the hospital first and nothing was broken.

I was so fasinated by reiki that I got certified in all of the levels and love all of the people who I have met through Ann Mort.

I love doing reiki on other people and helping them feel better."

— Kathleen, Brick, NJ

"Ann Mort has been the missing link in my quest for healing. I have tried acupuncture, EFT, psychotherapy and other traditional western medical treatments to heal my chronic head pain. After every treatment with Ann my head is free from pain and I posses an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. Ann's treatments give me the physical and mental stamina to do the things I love to do.

I see Ann once per week and if she were not more than an hour away I would see her several times per week."

— Julie, New Hope, PA

"I met Ann shortly after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Naturally, I was devastated to learn I had cancer and became very depressed. Before chemotherapy could begin, I needed to undergo some further testing my doctors required. It upset me to think of the cancer cells in my body while I waited so I started looking for something I could do to help myself immediately. I read about reiki and quickly scheduled an appointment. The difference after just one session was AMAZING! I went from being depressed and fearful to being ready to fight the disease and become well again.

I continued weekly sessions with Ann while receiving chemotherapy every other week for 6 months. Even though chemotherapy takes its toll on the body, after each reiki session I could feel an immediate improvement. I was stronger, the side effects of the chemo were reduced and I had more mental clarity. Never once was I so sick that I couldn't eat or keep food down so I was able to maintain my energy levels to fight the disease and cope with the treatment. By the fourth of my 12 doses of chemo, I was in complete remission and had absolutely no complications throughout the remainder of the treatment. The reiki energy was like medicine for my spirit. My medical doctors were excellent, however, their specialty lies in treating the body, not the spirit. Using reiki in conjunction with standard medicine gave me the best of both worlds for optimal healing.

I was also very fortunate to have found Ann when looking for a reiki practitioner. She is very warm and loving and is genuinely concerned with her client's wellbeing. Ann made me feel like a member of her family and has helped me tremendously during my most difficult time and beyond. She has great energy and is such a joy to be around. I also took her workshops so that I could help myself and others who are open to reiki. Today, I continue to receive regular reiki treatments to keep balanced and maintain good health. Not many people would say that they are glad to have had cancer, but I am grateful that it has brought Ann, reiki and a renewed spirituality into my life. "

— Cindy S., Brick, NJ

"Dear Ann:

It is certainly my pleasure to recommend you to anyone interested in reiki. You helped me through six months of difficult chemotherapy. Your healing gifts dramatically reduced my side effects, and promoted an overall sense of wellbeing, which contributed to my full recovery and remission.

Having had the privilege of receiving reiki through you for more than three years, I know that you are a gifted practitioner and a healing spirit. I shall be forever grateful for your contibution to my health and wellbeing.

Very truly yours,
Edward B. K."